DHR 2.0

Years ago I create DHR to write well and boldly to prove to myself and anybody who came across my little corner of the Internet that I know my stuff and that I have a voice worth your time.

“This website is much more than a WordPress blog. It is my portfolio; my training grounds; my coliseum … I’m building from the ground up, and Dark Horse Review is ground zero.”

I wrote those words in 2010. Much has changed. DHR is no longer here to showcase my skills; I have clients for that. But, some things are the same.

DHR is still my coliseum; a forum to raise my hands in triumph or disgust, adulation or admonition.

I’m still building. DHR is my sandbox where I create and make the rules. I’m building, but I’m also digging. I’m digging for an elusive intangible of my spirit; through this blog I will try to discover hidden creativity. I’m writing for me, but you have my invitation to sit shotgun.

There’s only one rule, folks: to bring something, anything, original to the table. Maybe I’ll upset people. Maybe I’ll be dead wrong. Hopefully, I strike gold. But, I’ll do my best to push myself outward, and ultimately, upward. No roads or maps to follow; no sherpa to carry my burden as I climb. There’s only a spark, and I’ll do my best to follow it’s light and illustrate its illuminations without interfering with the message.

This is DHR 2.0

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