Borderlands: Island of Dr. Ned

Posted on May 10, 2010


Everywhere you go, it seems like there are zombies nowadays. Movies, video games, and even books are raising the dead for our brain-chomping entertainment. Borderlands developer Gearbox adds to the latest cultural fad with “The Island of Dr. Ned.” And with a diluted pool of cheesy zombie content out there, Gearbox’s creation stands out as a mouth-watering delight.   

The Island of Dr. Ned is much like Borderlands’ main story: enter a world and shoot everything that is running (or crawling) at you. The story is forgetable, but nevermind that. Borderlands is all about mindless shooting, punching, and mayhem–and this DLC brings a whole lot of it to the table.

There’s a familiar feeling of classic zombie moments thanks to a handful of zombie standoffs while backed in a corner. Even better, with (more) hysterical claptraps and side characters, Gearbox kept it’s sense of humor to lighten up this gloomy isle.

Gearbox offers quite a few missions in this DLC, and it’s all zombielicious. Blasting zombies has never been more fun thanks to a good mixture of blood-thirsty goons from your everyday zombie to frankenstein-like monsters and demonic skags. And if that’s not enough, the blood-soaked boss battle at the end is worth the price of admission. It will make you wonder why Gearbox didn’t get this freaky crazy for the main story’s boss fight.

The actual island sets the tone for the experience as a marvelously evil atmosphere clad with mucky swamps, rickety settlements, and plenty of houses on haunted hills. Any fan of Borderlands, zombies, hacking up zombies, or any mixture of the like should grab a shotgun and hop on this fantastic haunted hayride.

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