Madden Welcomes Casual Gamers to the Tailgate With ‘Gameflow’ Feature

Posted on April 28, 2010


According to a report published on Plugged In, Madden is adding a new game feature to the blockbuster game┬áthat will bridge the gap between Madden and casual gamers. This feature, titled Gameflow, will assist players by calling plays for them and breaking down the “X’s and O’s” so that the casual player will actually understand what an “X” and “O” means.

In a nutshell, Gameflow will call plays for players based on the scenario. Also, an on-field diagram will show the routes and strategy of the play, and will help players understand how to successfully execute the play.

Creative Director Ian Cummings spoke with Gamespot on assisting gamers, and noted that the telemetrics collected from Madden’s online features revealed that even hardcore gamers aren’t fully utilizing the playbooks. According to Cummings, players are relying on about 15 plays, where each team has a playbook packed with about 350 plays.

Even for the Madden zealots out there, it seems like Gameflow can help all players learn and even master the depth of a playbook. And, with Gameflow’s play-rating feature, players can control what plays the AI dials up.

If EA can pull this off, no doubt there will be buku bucks in it for the juggernaut franchise. But, players will have to wait for Madden 11’s launch in August 2010 to check out the new feature and decide if it’s a touchdown or a fumble.

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